"Yoga'tta Start Somewhere!" is an eBook and online program I co-created to give new yogis language, context, and a ton of confidence when starting a yoga practice. This will make you feel supported, ready, and seen.

Here's the thing; all of the yoga programs I've seen have lacked diversity, and only represented ONE body type and age group.

So...I gathered up people of all different body types, age ranges, and flexibility levels. I created step by step pose breakdowns with photos that show different variations to suit YOUR body's needs.

Learning what works best in YOUR body will empower you to continue building your personal practice, enhance your practice with props and sequence ideas, and maybe even take a class at a local studio!

Included in this program: Yoga philosophy, breathing techniques, downloadable meditations for beginners, over 20 pose breakdowns, Yoga Studio FAQ, sequencing suggestions, video tutorials, AND MORE!


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