HOT YOGA at The Yoga Effect |
Join me at 7pm every Tuesday in May, June, July, and August. We crank the heat, get creative, and tune into our body's organic movement. Not recommended for beginners, but I offer modifications when needed. 

I'm still working through figuring out how to edit them and make them pretty, so for the time being I'm offering them for free. Once I figure out how to master the art of videos people actually like I will be charging for them. Join the mailing list ahead of time to get the free trial-and-error videos, and to make sure you get a discount on future videos. 

Yoga'tta Start Somewhere!" is an eBook / online program I co-created to introduce Yoga Newbies to over 20 poses with modification options, breathing techniques, guided meditations, and more.

Click below to grab yours at the pre-sale price of only $45. WE GO LIVE IN AUGUST!