I Broke My Promise...

...and I owe you an apology. Remember last August when I promised you yoga videos and monthly content? Well, I dropped the ball on that commitment, and completely abandoned my responsibilities as a yoga teacher. I can give you excuses like "my camera sucked" and "my editing software was too difficult to figure out" and "I couldn't find the right time of day"...all of which are true, but don't make up for my lack of follow-through. For that, I apologize. But within that, I learned about the importance of hiatus...
See, I always come up with great ideas, and elaborate plans, and the best intentions, but I am notorious for not following through on those ideas. I pour everything into my plans and then get in over my head, take on WAY too many responsibilities, then fatigue and burn out. It's not something I'm proud of, but recognizing it is the first step to working on it.

So, after recording, editing, and failing (multiple times) something told me I just need to TAKE A BREAK. No more teaching, no more output, no more expending energy...I felt a deep need for stillness and receiving rather than giving. I find that when you attempt something over and over and it doesn't work, the Universe is sending a signal. So I listened to this signal and decided to hold off on yoga videos. 
Instead, I dedicated time to fully immersing myself in my yoga practice as a student, rather than as a teacher. I took more yoga classes, dedicated time to my home practice, and prioritized workshops that supported goals I wanted to accomplish. I studied under incredible  teachers, like Dianne Bondy (co-creator of Yoga For All), Cassandra Justine (co-founder of Inner Sense Healing Arts collective), Kristi Taylor (co-founder of Global Body Health). I actually followed through with my resolution to practice inversions every day (and found some breakthroughs!) I worked on pushing myself as a student rather than playing it safe, and I now have a clearer vision of the way I want to teach. 

You see, being a great teacher requires you to BE A STUDENT FIRST. I can't stress that enough. So many of us lose our own practice, and our openness to new information. We believe that we know what we need to know, and remain stagnant in our teaching because of this. We forget how to learn. We forget how to receive. We forget how to humble ourselves and become the student, so that we can teach from a place of DEEP, APPLIED UNDERSTANDING rather than simply repeating something we thing sounds correct.

My hiatus was a Divine-led break, and practice of svadhyaya (the yogic practice of self-study). I appreciate the patience and support of my friends and students while I disappeared for a while. Although I'm not diving back into teaching regularly, I am excited to announce that I'll be subbing a weekly class for a few months this summer (info about that HERE) as well as continuing to offer regular workshops (which you can find HERE).

Thanks for sticking around. I look forward to growing WITH you in our journeys as a teacher, and as a student.

Om Shanti,