Just Freaking Do It

I'm currently doing two online trainings to enhance my teaching and overall badassery. I told you about one of these trainings in my last blog, but the other training is on a whole other level. It's rocking my woooooorld, y'all. 
This training is basically all about keeping it real. Without going into too much detail, it's teaching me to JUST DO IT.

Jump to 2 weeks ago when I started Rabbit Hole training, and I'm told to make a #randomtalkingvideo and not worry about whether or not it looks good...to just freaking do it. I used my first #RTV as an opportunity to rant about people bagging produce at the grocery store. It was dumb, but got a TON of engagement! Believe it or not, people could actually relate to that frustration. Posting that gave me the confidence I needed to record my first yoga video. Literally, posting a 60-second rant was all I needed.

Honestly I spend SO MUCH TIME worrying about not looking stupid. I have wanted to create yoga videos for about a year, but kept postponing it because my camera quality sucked, and I didn't know how to edit videos, and my house is too small and janky to film in...I basically came up with every excuse in the world not to record. But after my #RTV, I felt confident enough to just do it.

So, on my lunch break WEARING MY WORK CLOTHES I recorded and uploaded my first youtube video, and emailed it out to my mailing list. (<-- Click that if you want to join.)
My video got a ton of great response, but the most common response I got were comments on how people loved that I was wearing my work clothes! I felt so silly and insecure about it, and that was what people resonated with most. People said it made them feel more comfortable because I took the pressure off of perfection. 

PEOPLE WANT TO RELATE TO YOU. They don't want you on a pedestal, they want you to be HUMAN, and transparent, and keep it real.

I just recorded my second video. It's uploading as I type this. I fell over a few times in the video, and ran out of breath a lot. The room was SO HOT so my face was hella red. Old-Cortni would have just deleted the video and tried again in a few weeks. But new-Rabbit Hole-Cortni decided to keep it and upload it as it is.

Maybe the people who see it will also run out of breath. Maybe they will also get sweaty or fall over. Maybe they are also imperfect humans who just want to do yoga with someone who doesn't try to be impressive or flashy. Maybe they don't need me to wear $100 yoga pants, or have perfect lighting and editing skills. Maybe they don't need me to nail every balance pose.

Anyway, my point is I think people just want REAL. So, if you've got something to share with the world, share it. Don't worry about the lighting, or if you trip over your words, or if you are sweating or wearing the wrong clothes.


And when you do, tell me about it. I'll sign up for that shit.

Om Shanti,